A&I Fire iPhone Email Setup Instructions as of 12/31/11


On the iPhone, click on the Settings icon which is on the home screen.

Click on Mail, Contacts and Calendars which you’ll see about halfway down the screen on the left.

You’ll need to select the existing A&I Fire email account that was originally setup on your iPhone and Delete it; it may be listed as “Exchange” or it may have another descriptive title. Once you’ve tapped that account name, you can scroll to the bottom of the next screen and choose “Delete Account.” Tap Delete Account again when prompted to confirm. Note: You aren’t actually deleting any of your mail, contact or calendar data. This just deletes out the old settings so we can replace with the correct new settnigs.


Once the account is deleted you should be back on the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars screen where you can select “Add Account.”


Then tap on “Microsoft Exchange”


Here are the settings you’ll need to enter on the following screen:


For Email: enter your A&I email address.


For Domain: leave blank.


For User Name: enter your A&I email address again here.


For Password: Enter your email password, which I included in the text message along with this webpage link. Note: Due to security requirements enforced by the Microsoft hosted mail servers, the first character of your password must be entered in upper case. The second letter is in lower case, followed by the 4 numbers, finally followed by two equal signs. For example if your Windows login password was wt3333 then your email password would be Wt3333== (that’s 8 characters total).Also note this will be the same temporary password you’ll use in Outlook on your office PC.


The Description field will probably default to A&I Restoration; this is just a description and you can enter whatever you wish.


Tap Next (upper right corner in blue).


The screen won’t appear to change much but you’ll now have a new field named “Server.” The correct entry may automatically enter itself but if not then enter the following: pod51010.outlook.com and then tap Next again.


You should briefly see “Verifying” flash across the top of the screen and then another window titled “Exchange” will replace that. By default, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders are all turned on as they should be.


Tap “Save” and you should see “Account added” flash across the screen.


At this point you can tap the Home button and your mail, contacts and calendar should start synchronizing to the iphone very shortly.


If you have questions or problems please call or text me at 655-1957.


Tim Tarlton